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Covid-19 Operation Plan

Covid-19 Mitigation Health and Safety Plan  (Updated February 2022) COME VACCINATED!COME WITH A MASK!COME HEALTHY! This is an ever-changing situation, and thus this is an ever-changing document. Coyote Air will place updates on our website and/or Facebook page about current State of Alaska Health Mandates in the timeliest manner possible. Passengers should also do their…

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Winter Flying Fall 2015

Out Front of the cabin at Haynes Lake DR Backhoe in pieces Paul and Maple coming to town Pick up Last Alaskan’s film crew Unloading Floor for Hiemo on the Colleen Bremner’s First Solo Flight Elcy enjoying the sun on the Black River Oscar supervising Bremner and Deriene Bring the Beaver in for the night…

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