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Dirk Nickisch, Danielle Tirrell & family

After three generation in aviation on both sides of our family, you could say that flying is truly in our blood. We are a family owned business and prefer the personal connection with our clients. Our work becomes our life in the heart of Alaska’s busy summer and autumn seasons. Our company is a fully insured, FAA part 135 Air Taxi Service and we operates Bush-proven de Havilland Beavers that have been specially modified for the demanding flying in Alaska.  We are able to accommodate any size group from an individual to a van loads, safely and comfortably.

A little bit of history

People often ask me how long I have been flying.  I am a third generation pilot, and have been flying with my dad since I was old enough to look over the panel.  The truth is that my dad had me sit on a wood box, covered with carpet, placed on the seat so I could see outside.  The story starts a bit earlier though, with my Grandfather, Elmo Nickisch.  Elmo received his pilots license in June 1947 and bought a N577C, a Stinson 108-3 pictured below, later that year.

Grandpa Nickisch 1950

Elmo was know for delivering mail during the winter, when the roads drifted shut, by throw mail out the aircraft as he flew over the farms.

Elmo's Aeronca Chief in a Parade Wishek, ND

My dad, Willard Nickisch began flying in 1969, before I was born. He has owned several aircraft over the years including N8LP a Piper Seneca I. This is the first aircraft that I was able to put my hands on the controls.

Willard Nickisch with Seneca N8LP

My Dad has always found a way to incorporate flying into his work. He spent one year flying for Danielle and me, as a pilot for Coyote Air. He now also flies for Wings of Hope, a humanitarian Medivac Service based out of St Louis, MS

Willard Nickisch and passengers on a Wings of Hope Flight

We will see whether the next generation continues on with the family tradition of flying.