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Join us in the air!

We offer flightseeing into the stunning Brooks Range and Gates of the Arctic National Park in any time increment.

  • $225 per hour per person.
  • Aircraft: A comfortable, quiet, classic 1948 Stinson with great visibility.
  • Landings off airport are not an option with this aircraft

If you are visiting the Coldfoot area, don’t miss the views from the air with a scenic flight over the Brooks Range mountains.

Flightseeing Tours

Gates of the Arctic Tour

Windflower blossom on the tundra overlooking the North Fork of the Koyukuk River in the Gates of the Arctic National Park, Brooks Range, Alaska.

Fly through the “Gates” and see many of the areas that Robert Marshal traveled through as told in his book “Wilderness Alaska”. This trip will take you up the North Fork of the Koyukuk very near the Arctic Continental divide. Land on a lake within the park for a short wilderness hike. This is a great way to experience the park for the ground as well as from a bird’s eye view. You should plan on 1 ½ hours for this trip; approximately an hour in the air and a half hour on the ground.

$285 per person minimum 2 people

Arrigetch Adventure

Fly west from Coldfoot to see the magnificent Arrigetch Peaks. The Peaks are some of the largest granite extrusions in the Brooks Range, a unique feature of this vast wilderness landscape. We will fly around the Arrigetch peaks and land at either Takahula or Walker Lake to allow you an opportunity to set foot on the ground in Gates of the Arctic National Park. Plan on 2 ½ – 3 hours total time for this trip, including a ½ hour on the ground.

$550 per person, minimum 2 people

Day Trips

If you want to experience the park, but not ready to spend the night. Join us for a day in the park.  We will drop you off at Long Lake in the Gates of the Arctic National Park on the North Fork of the Koyukuk River. Long lake is completely surround by the Gates of Arctic National Park. You can hike the circumference of the lake, paddle in the canoe and explore, drop a line in the water and fish, or simply sit back and enjoy the wilderness.  This is an unguided trip

$625 per person

Day trip with an additional Gates of the Arctic scenic flight is $825 per person.