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Hunting with Coyote Air

Hunting with Coyote Air.

Coyote Air is a part 135 air taxi.  We are not a licensed Alaska Big Game Transporter or a Hunting Guide.

What this means is that we can fly you to a destination of you choosing for a price which we quote you based on standard flight costs.  We do not sell per person hunts.  We also cannot help you with information on where to go hunting, where we have seen game, or provide you with any help on planning your hunt.

Once you have chosen an area that you wish to go top; we can provide you with access point that we use near there and a price per flight with the appropriate weight limitation that we can carry into that area.

We will only book on group into an area at a time, based on first to book basis.  We do not take reservation for groups hunting until February of the year that you are wanting to hunt in.

If you need more information or would like to talk about logistics please call or email us in the fall.  We are a small family run business and do not have time or energy to discuss next year during our busy summer season.

If you require more help of information on hunting in Alaska you can call the Alaska ADF&G to talk with local biologist.  There are also many hunting forums available, but information on them is often not accurate.  There are also hunt planners commercially available that you can pay for information.  We no longer work with any of them, nor do we recommend any.