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Our Aircraft

Coyote Air is a family owned and operated, fully insured FAA part 135 Air Taxi, with a fleet of planes including two de Havilland Beavers customized for travel in the rugged and challenging environment of Alaska’s Arctic Brooks Range.

Jean “N5343G”

Coyote air de Havilland beaver bush plane, Utukok uplands, National Petroleum Reserve Alaska, Arctic, Alaska.

“Jean”  Our first de Havilland Beaver, on the Kongukut river in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Brooks

Jean is a 1956 de Havilland Beaver. Originally delivered as a L-20 military aircraft, she was converted to civilian designation in January of 1977.  Since then she has lived in Alaska and worked for her keep. She is outfitted with an Alaska Door which is a large cargo door on the left side. She also has a Baron Mk2000 STOL Kit. She is a work horse. Jean was our first beaver which we bought in 2001. It took some work but she taught us all about beavers and showed us what great airplanes they are. They were designed in consideration for work in the northern bush of North America. This model aircraft and its sibling the Otter are the only aircraft every produced with this specific design focus. They are tried performers in the northern landscape for more than 60 years.

Pumpkin “N3947Q”

Danielle Tirrel and Dirk Nickish refuel Pumpkin, Coldfoot airport, Alaska.


Pumpkin on 5250 Amphious floats waiting for the water to open

Pumpkin is a 1953 de Havilland Beaver. Originally delivered as a U-6A military variant, she was converted by Wipline to a civilian Beaver in 1980. As Wipline’s first superbeaver conversion, the plane received an instrument panel, extended baggage, and was placed on Wiplines new amphibious floats. For the next 10 years she lived a life of leisure as a demonstrator aircraft for the company. She then made her move to Alaska for 15 years of private individual ownership. She joined us in Coldfoot without a commercial work history but has proven herself over the years to be yet another example of those incredibly reliable de Havilland Beavers.  This summer she will be on Amphibious floats for the summer working with Elcy.



Elcy is a 1975 Cessna A185F operating on Aerocet amphibs.  This aircraft is the sister ship to the very first aircraft Coyote Air owned.



Pip is a 1955 Super Cub.  We operate here on Floats in the summer and Skis in the Winter.