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Watching caribou cross the Nigu river, during a float trip, National Petroleum Reserve, Alaska.

The expansive Brook range mountains sweep across Alaska’s northern landscape and divide the interior from the great arctic coastal plains of the North Slope. In this vast region, there lies nearly unending opportunities for true adventure. Lovers of wilderness will find remote and untraveled mountains, rivers and lakes to explore and enjoy in their raw and untrodden beauty. It is our hope, that all who access this special area, travel there respectfully, keeping the genuine wilderness experience available for those who may follow.

Floating or paddling many of the rivers that drain from the Brooks range is a popular activity. Hiking, mountain climbing, trekking, photographing, sightseeing, and birding are a few other ways to encounter this rich and rugged land. You may check out our adventure photo gallery for few images of people encountering the area.

We offer access, support service and logistics for many who choose to explore this region. If you chose to fly with us, we are happy to offer advice and information regarding the specifics of your trip of interest.

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